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Process of the Treatment

- Review the problem and the actions to be taken
- Draw a hairline
- Haircutting and washing hair
- Administration of a sedative to relieve the patient from stress related to the procedure, allowing the patient to fall asleep
- Administration of local anesthesia - in the prone position
- Collection of grafts, washing, cleaning, screening for damage, counting and preparing them for the next stage - Meal break
- Administration of anesthesia in the recipient area
- Start of implantation - a stage lasting up to 4-5 hours in the supine position

- Completion of the operation and change of bandage
- Summary and discussion of further recommendations, writing prescriptions, documentation, etc.
- Return to home or hotel
- Bandage control and change on the next day

From the patient's perspective, the procedure is rather boring. Most people sleep at least part of it. Due to the extended duration of the treatment you may need to reposition your body. This is largely possible because the treatment chair has a wide range of settings.

Patient eligible for surgery

- Men with a stabilized process of androgenic hair loss after 35-40 years of age, but it is a relative criterion. Also there need to be considered genetic determinants, the prognosis of baldness progression and age as well as the impact of hair loss on the patient's psyche and his expectations in personal and professional life. A hair transplant for a 20+ year old who gains confidence and, for example, finds a wife, is a good decision, despite the need for further treatments.

- People with post-traumatic scars, burns, radiation therapy.

- Women with androgenic hair loss or with a constitutively high hairline who wish to lower it. In women case, hair loss is the most common just a symptom, and the cause is more complex. Therefore, specialized diagnostics and determination of the source of the problem are important. Hair transplant in such cases, though often tempting, is the last stage of treatment.

Despite the general outline of the indications, it is important to evaluate each patient individually and to consider all the pros and cons.

Treatment price

7-8 PLN graft (follicle unit)

The minimum price of the treatment: 6000 PLN

Price includes:

- meal during the procedure
- overnight at the hotel
- transport to the hotel, airport, railway station
- post-treatment care
- care kit