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We offer FUE hair transplant treatments, preceded by a thorough problem analysis and development of a strategy for actions taken.

FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) hair transplantation involves the acquisition of individual follicular units by collecting them from the occipital and temporal areas. The collected follicles are then implanted in the receiving area. After collection, there are point scars that remain they are practically invisible - they are covered by the surrounding hair. In the FUE method, it is not necessary to cut a strip of skin from the occipital area (as in the FUT method). Single bellows units, also called FU-Follicular Units or grafts, can contain from 1 to 4 (sometimes and more) hair follicles. The poll (donor site) is an area where hair does not fall out. The hair that will grow from the follicles obtained there as well will not fall out. The area in which we implant grafts remains with the implanted hair for life.

That is why it is so important to plan the procedure wisely, taking into account the prognosis of the patient's hair loss in the future. Not everyone is suitable for this type of treatments (periodically or not at all) due to age, size of the area to be covered, shortage of follicle units in the donor area, hair type, health burdens, in particular skin diseases, negligible reality of expectations, etc.

Each patient requires a separate analysis - because the effects of the treatment cannot be undone, which of course also has its undeniable advantages.

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